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Can I amend a trademark in New Jersey?

There are many reasons why you may want to amend an existing trademark or service mark that has already been registered. This can be a complicated procedure that may not be successful for a multitude of reasons. While the basic steps to amend a previously filed trademark are described here, an experienced legal counsel can help advise you through this process to ensure a greater likelihood of success.

Brunchfast trademarked by Jack in the Box

National statistics indicate that the popularity of breakfast and snacks is increasing. New Jersey commuters may appreciate access to all-day breakfast options at some franchises. Others have introduced new breakfast menus in recent years, entering the competition for those breakfast dollars. Although breakfast items are not new to Jack in the Box, a recent trademark registration suggests that the company may be preparing to increase its focus on this area of its business.

Varied state IP laws make trade secret understanding vital

Although businesses commonly seek to protect intellectual property assets like company names, many ignore their trade secrets. This information includes data like business processes, methods, patterns and formulas that may be considered valuable because their owners keep them secret and they aren't within the realm of public knowledge. Certain trade secrets, like a list of a New Jersey company's customers that a competitor may want to use for marketing purposes, are distinct from information that could be protected with patents or copyrights.

"The Walking Dead" creator sues group over trademarks

Intellectual property disputes are often tedious affairs that garner little in the way of media interest, but a motion filed in a federal court in New Jersey seeking summary judgement over trademarks may prove to be an exception to this rule. That is because the trademarks in question relate to the hit AMC television series 'The Walking Dead." The creator of the series claims that four individuals are planning to open a theme restaurant in the Garden State based on the popular zombie apocalypse show without his permission.

Software companies dispute over trademark on the word "rage"

New Jersey observers of the world of intellectual property may be aware of the existence of trademark bullying. This is a case where a larger company registers a trademark and uses its legal rights to prevent other companies from using words or phrases that have only the most tenuous relationship to the trademark. A recent example of this practice has emerged from the world of video games, where an established video game company trademarked the word "rage" and attempted to take legal action other video games that happened to have that word anywhere in their title. Their enforcement of this trademark appears to be both inconsistent and arbitrary.

Reasons to trademark clothing brands

An apparel entrepreneur is likely to spend considerable time and effort in creating a name for a new clothing brand or line. The name becomes tied to the design and function of the clothing and differentiates it from other clothing products. Due to this, New Jersey entrepreneurs should understand why the process of registering that name as a trademark is so important.

Trump may move to trademark term created by Cruz

With candidates for both political parties fiercely battling to determine who will be the next candidate for the presidential race, all candidates have spent a lot of time in the press for various reasons. Perhaps the one in the news the most often is Donald Trump. While campaigning, the businessman has not lost sight of one of the things that has led to his success—the protection of intellectual property and how to use it to his advantage.

Protecting your company's interests re trademark law

Registration laws and systems regarding trademarks vary from state to state. However, in New Jersey and all other states, one thing remains common; trademark law protects those whose rights have been infringed upon when a brand name or business name has been unlawfully used by another party. Those facing legal challenges that involve disputes over intellectual property will want to make certain they have a clear understanding of state and federal laws before proceeding to court.

Yosemite National Park involved in trademark dispute

When it comes to intellectual property matters many may assume the focus is in the tech sector. While these issues do of course arise in that context, there are many other situations in which disputes involving intellectual property might arise. This is illustrated in the recent trademark dispute concerning the names of landmarks and iconic hotels in Yosemite National Park.

Grumpy Cat owners claim trademark law infringement

Copyright, patent infringements and other legal issues regarding intellectual property or hard copy products are matters frequently addressed in courtrooms in New Jersey and others throughout the nation. A recent trademark law battle remains ongoing between two entities. The owners of Grumpy Cat Limited claim that Grenade Beverages  has violated terms of an agreement in a dispute over products sold under the "Grumpy Cat" brand name.

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