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Historic TV song leads to copyright lawsuit

Many people in New Jersey remember the classic opening theme song of "The Andy Griffith Show," which aired on CBS from 1960 to 1968. Now, the tune is the subject of a legal dispute as heirs of its composer allege that CBS continues to use the song without a proper license. The song, known as "Theme for the Andy Griffith Show," was written in the 1950s by two songwriters who later registered its copyright in 1960. The songwriters later gave the rights to the song to the Larabee Music partnership and passed them on after death to two trusts.

Drug maker settles dispute over patent allowing sale of copycat

A complicated aspect of business innovation in New Jersey and throughout the world is how to protect a product and prevent infringement on intellectual property. This is a prominent issue with drug makers. In May, a drug maker embroiled in a patent dispute over Humira reached a settlement over the issue.

Copyright lawsuits continue to challenge streaming firms

A growing number of people in New Jersey and across the country rely on online streaming sites like Spotify or Netflix for their favorite movies, TV shows, music and other content. The industry is bringing in a significant amount of money and has, over the years, been the subject of a number of copyright disputes. While the passage of laws like the Music Modernization Act has helped to set a standard moving forward for streaming firms to follow, there are still active legal cases pending that address the issue of streaming providers' responsibility for mechanical licensing.

New Jersey Businesses Must Take Steps to Protect Their Copyrights

In 1984, Jacobus Rentmeester, then a student at the University of North Carolina, took a photograph of Michael Jordan for Time Magazine, which made it appear that Jordan was about to dunk the ball with one hand. Although such photographs are quite common, Rentmeester's photo was unique in several ways. For one thing, Jordan's in-the-air pose resembled a leap in ballet.

Copyright applications need approval before filing suit

New Jersey copyright owners may be interested in a recent decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court. The decision will affect when work needs to be registered with the United States Copyright Office if the filer wants to enforce their rights as an owner. A copyright owner has to have their work registered with this office if they want to file litigation. This underscores the importance of filing copyright applications as soon as possible.

How IP law can protect composers

When a composer creates a piece of music, intellectual property laws protect their ability to control when and where their work is performed. This means that a composer has the right to decide if their music can be played, whether the venue is a large stadium in New Jersey or a small concert in New Orleans. This legal standard helps maintain the integrity of creative work.

Fortnight sued by Alfonso Ribiero

Alfonso Ribiero, known for his signature "Carlton" dance performed by his character on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," filed suit against Epic Games, owner of the Fortnite video game. Epic featured Ribiero's distinct dance moves as an add-on dance players may purchase for their Fortnite characters.

Ariana Grande sued for copyright infringement

New Jersey fans of Ariana Grande may be interested to learn that the pop superstar is being sued for copyright infringement. A painter based in Las Vegas, Nev., claims that the singer used some of his work in her music video for "God Is a Woman" without his permission. The image, which shows a woman as a candle wick in the sky, was only altered slightly from the original painting, according to the federal lawsuit. The painter said he only learned about the music video after reading about it online.

Judge grants summary judgment in patent case

New Jersey residents face a number of advertisements when they scroll the internet or even use their mobile phones. Two of the companies involved in creating the technology targeting ads to viewers' interests have been engaged in an intellectual property dispute over their software. Free Stream Media, otherwise known as Samba, patented a system that allows the company to send advertisements to mobile phones based on the owners' television viewing options. The company can charge advertisers for its ability to target advertisements based on customers' viewing choices.

YouTube copyright system may aid false claimants

YouTube has become home to many content creators in New Jersey and across the country who have released videos and amassed millions of fans. Still, some YouTubers have expressed concerns about how the platform addresses copyright complaints. One creator, known as TheFatRat, said that he has experienced frequent problems after other people and companies have tried to remove his original work after they attempted to claim it as their own. This means that the remaining video owners could receive thousands of dollars in advertising revenue as a result of fraudulent copyright claims.

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