How people or companies can infringe on a patent

| Nov 25, 2020 | Patent Law |

There are many people and businesses in New Jersey which are innovating and creating new products. These products are usually the result of hard work and a significant amount of time. Therefore, they will want to make sure that they are the only people or business that can benefit financially from their work. In order to protect these products, they can apply for and seek a patent for the product. Patents make it illegal for others to copy the product and make money from it.

This does not mean that people will not try to copy or use parts of the product to create one of their own. Some products prove to be very profitable and others will want to make some money as well. This type of behavior is known as patent infringement and people may be able to initiate lawsuits to force the other people or companies to stop producing their product and also seek monetary compensation for the profits they loss due to the infringement.

Types of patent infringement

There are different ways that people commit patent infringement though. The most obvious one is direct infringement and that occurs when the product is manufactured by someone else without permission. Another type of infringement is indirect patent infringement, which occurs when someone helps another infringe.

People can also have contributory infringement which occurs if they supply a part which could only be used to complete the infringement. The last type of infringement is literal infringement if the words used in the patent claim and the infringing device directly correspond to each other.

It is important that when people in New Jersey create a new product that they protect it with a patent. Some of these patents will be infringed on by others though, which can be done with multiple different ways. Patent infringement cases can be complicated though and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.

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