Amazon accused of patent infringement

| Oct 16, 2020 | Patent Law |

Many Morris County area residents have undergone the process to obtain a patent. They understand how important it is to protect their intellectual property. A patent is issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and provides protection for designs, processes and compositions. Those who acquire a patent for their work have the right to believe it is protected. But occasionally a patent infringement can occur.

Texas company wins lawsuit against corporate giant Amazon

A Texas technology company recently won a lawsuit against business giant Amazon. The company called Vocalife LLC brought suit against Amazon claiming that its smart speakers, like Alexa, infringe on their patent for a microphone array system. Vocalife accused Amazon of stealing their ideas after the Vocalife owner shared their invention at a conference in 2011. Vocalife had a meeting with Amazon where they showed the microphone array they had created. Amazon stopped responding to Vocalife’s messages after the meeting and in 2014 the Echo smart speaker arrived in the market using what Vocalife claims is their technology. Amazon has been ordered to pay Vocalife $5 million in royalties for infringing on the company’s intellectual property.

Fearing patent infringement?

A company’s patent is one of their most important assets. If a person believes that there has been patent infringement, they may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in patent law. An attorney can work to protect their client’s intellectual property, manage their rights and make sure they are successful with their commercial venture.

It is important that a person understand their legal rights and protect their intellectual property. The penalties for infringement can be severe so having an attorney skilled in patent law can be an asset.


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