Patent infringement claimed over eyelash extensions

| Aug 18, 2020 | Patent Law |

Beauty and cosmetic companies in the New Jersey area understand how important their patents are to their industry. Each beauty and cosmetic company have their own products that are unique to their company. It is important that their patents are protected in order to keep their customer base. A recent patent infringement lawsuit involving two eyelash extension companies has been filed in a New Jersey federal court.

A patent infringement lawsuit was recently filed in a New Jersey federal court where an eyelash extension company named Lashify is alleging that an at-home beauty company named KISS copied their patent-protected system. Lashify describes itself as a luxury lash company that invented a revolutionary eyelash extension system that allows a person to create their own natural lashes at home instead of having to go to a salon. The company has several patents and touts its celebrity following which include Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, among others.

Lashify is alleging in its lawsuit that KISS employees ordered Lashify products for shipment to KISS headquarters and approached a factory that manufacturers Lashify products to learn more about the process. In addition, the lawsuit claims that KISS provides nearly identical instructions and offers a product that is nearly identical to the Lashify system. Lashify argues that KISS has ignored all cease and desist letters it has received and has therefore set forth two claims of patent infringement against KISS.

Companies work hard to create a unique product that a consumer will find beneficial. A patent is a right that protects an invention from anyone else using it. A patent exists to protect inventors and entrepreneurs and it is important that they are followed. If an entrepreneur believes that their patent is being infringed, they may want to contact a legal professional who is skilled in U.S. patents. An attorney can help their client defend their patent rights and protect their products.

An entrepreneur has worked hard to create a product and protect it with patents. When another person infringes on a patent it is illegal and the violator should be prosecuted.

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