How does a person obtain copyright for their creative work?

| Jun 29, 2020 | Intellectual Property Litigation |

Many people who live in the New Jersey area have a creative side of them. Many of these artists have spent time and money developing their reputation and earning a living because of their creativity. When an artist has spent this much time and effort on their craft it is important that they protect them. Obtaining a copyright is vital for creative workers.

Obtaining a copyright registration is important for an artist so that they can be protected against any copyright infringement of their items. Works that are eligible for copyright registration must contain original, creative elements that are fixed in some manner. Typical items protected by copyright include books, paintings and sculptures, music, drama, and movies. The Copyright Office allows a person to register their work in order to establish protections. Even if a person doesn’t believe their work is worthy of copyright protections, they may regret not obtaining a copyright later if another party takes their idea, copyrights it, and makes a profit.

An attorney who specializes in intellectual property can help their client protect their work. The copyright process can be complex to navigate and having an expert there to guide an artist through the process can be helpful. Having a copyright can protect a person from both accidental and intentional infringement and can allow an individual to seek damages to protect their work.

Many New Jersey area residents understand that intellectual property deserves protection under copyright law. The Copyright Act protects various forms of expression and allows a person to safeguard their creation from others.

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