Copyright is protected under U.S. law

| Apr 24, 2020 | Firm News |

There are many companies in New Jersey who hold at least one copyright, and usually they have several. These companies have spent years developing their products and it is important that their intellectual property is protected. Intellectual property is protected under U.S. law and one such intellectual property is copyright.

Copyright is one of several types of intellectual property that is protected under U.S. law. The constitution states that copyright protects a person’s creativity and “promotes the progress of science and useful arts”. Copyright can do this by offering the creator a limited period of time to exclusively use their product. It offers the creator, whether it be a product, piece of music, book, etc., the exclusive right to profit from their creation for a period of time.

When a person receives a copyright for their work, they have the right to control its distribution, reproduction, adaptation and public display. There are three basic requirements that a work must meet in order to qualify for a copyright. First the work must be original. It cannot be copied from something else and it must be independently created. Second it needs to satisfy a small amount of creativity and third it     must be fixed in a tangible medium which means it can be perceived, reproduced or communicated for more than a temporary period of time.

A legal professional who is skilled in copyright law can help their client protect their creative works. They can develop a strategy for protecting forms of expression including books, screenplays, photographs, etc. This can make sure the creator receives the financial benefit they deserve for their work.

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