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If you have a new design, business idea or formula, it's understandable you'd want to protect your interests and keep others from stealing what you worked so hard to develop. This is why patent law exists, protecting inventors and entrepreneurs in New Jersey and across the country. The process to obtain a patent can be quite complex, and numerous types of problems can arise that delay or impede your ability to accomplish your goals. 

There are basically three types of patents, and knowing which one you need, as well as which application you would use to apply is key to helping you achieve your patent goals. In some cases, an international patent is needed to protect an invention. This is usually the case if the inventor plans to engage in international trade.

It is always best to carefully review applicable laws before filing a patent application. It is critical that you make sure there are no existing patents regarding the product, system, formula or invention you have created. If you try to secure your invention with a patent when one already exists, you could wind up in a heap of legal trouble down the line.

You're not expected to know all there is to know about patent law. That is why there are experienced intellectual property law attorneys on hand. Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law is well-versed in such issues and is committed to providing guidance and support to New Jersey clients in need of patent-related assistance. If you have questions or concerns on the topic, simply ask for a consultation at your convenience.

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