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Patent law: Nintendo comes out on top in court

In 2018, Gamevice filed a legal claim against gaming icon, Nintendo. Patent law was the central focus of the claim. The plaintiff's claim accused Nintendo of infringing upon its patent regarding a particular product line of game controllers. New Jersey gamers may be familiar with the products in question.

It was not the only time Gamevice went to bat in court against Nintendo. More recently, in 2019, following an International Trade Commission investigation, the former sued the latter regarding the claimed infringement of intellectual property. However, in both cases, it was Nintendo who walked away the victor.

In the 2018 case, Gamevice filed 19 claims against Nintendo. The company argued before the court that Nintendo had infringed upon its patented ideas when it produced detachable controllers for tablets and smartphones. The court disagreed, ruling that Nintendo had not violated any patent laws.

Patent law typically refers to tangible (and new) scientific inventions. An inventor who obtains a patent secures his or her right to sell an invention, provided the invention is not law of nature or process completed entirely with the human body, such as a supposed formula for perfecting a golf swing. Any New Jersey resident that owns a patent who believes another party has infringed upon his or her intellectual property rights may take legal steps to resolve the dispute in court. This is a highly complex area of law, which is why most intellectual property owners rely heavily on experienced attorneys who are well-versed in such issues to represent them in court.

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