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Patent law: Nintendo comes out on top in court

In 2018, Gamevice filed a legal claim against gaming icon, Nintendo. Patent law was the central focus of the claim. The plaintiff's claim accused Nintendo of infringing upon its patent regarding a particular product line of game controllers. New Jersey gamers may be familiar with the products in question.

Guitar companies gridlocked over trademark law issues

Many New Jersey guitar enthusiasts are familiar with the Gibson guitar brand. A former Gibson employee left the company back in the 1980s when it closed its doors in one state to move to another. The former employee launched a new guitar company known as Heritage Guitars. Trademark law is now the central focus of litigation between these two businesses. 

Understand patent law and avoid legal problems

If you have a new design, business idea or formula, it's understandable you'd want to protect your interests and keep others from stealing what you worked so hard to develop. This is why patent law exists, protecting inventors and entrepreneurs in New Jersey and across the country. The process to obtain a patent can be quite complex, and numerous types of problems can arise that delay or impede your ability to accomplish your goals. 

Panda Express files suit against Panda Libre

Fans of Panda Express in New Jersey may be interested to learn of a lawsuit filed by the Chinese takeout chain. Lawyers for the restaurant chain filed a civil suit against a Phoenix-based restaurant named Panda Libre. Panda Express alleged that Panda Libre infringed on its trademark name in the suit.

Soccer team names cause intellectual property setbacks

New Jersey residents can take a lesson from Major League Soccer when it comes to staying out of trouble when it comes to starting a business. Specifically, aspiring businesspersons may overlook intellectual property issues and can end up in legal hot water. The same exact thing happened to soccer legend David Beckham which may now force him to have to rebrand his new soccer team.

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