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Google sued over patent infringement

Many New Jersey residents have smart speakers in their homes, but the ones made by Google are now at the center of a patent infringement lawsuit. The CEO of Sonos appeared on CNBC to defend the company's decision to file a lawsuit against the technology giant. He said that Google used wireless speaker technology developed and patented by Sonos in its smart speakers.

According to court filings, Sonos claims that Google gained access to the patented technology in 2013 when Sonos worked out a deal that added Google's music streaming service to its speaker products. The lawsuit went on to accuse Google of willfully stealing the technology two years later to build a similar wireless speaker product called Chromecast Audio.

A statement from Google responding to the lawsuit disagreed with the allegations made by Sonos. The Google statement expressed disappointment that Sonos had not continued to discuss the intellectual property issues outside of court. The CEO of Sonos said that he is willing to continue the litigation and has few concerns about the lawsuit's impact on the company's financial health. This is not the first time that Sonos has defended its patents. A prior lawsuit in 2014 against Denon resulted in a settlement in 2018.

Collaboration between technology companies sometimes results in accusations of patent infringement. A person running a company who suspects that other parties are using intellectual property without authorization could discuss the problem with a patent law attorney. A legal evaluation of IP ownership and alleged unauthorized usage might reveal the extent of infringement and lead to the preparation of a lawsuit that thoroughly describes the damages suffered by the rightful patent holder. On the road to litigation, an attorney may manage pretrial negotiations that could potentially settle the issue privately.

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