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Nonprofit company accuses basketball star of trademark violation

New Jersey companies and individuals who have acquired a trademark should be aware of the process of protecting it from illegal use. Sometimes, this involves a small entity taking on a larger one. In one lawsuit, a Maryland nonprofit is accusing a basketball star of using its slogan on social media and profiting from it.

Google sued over patent infringement

Many New Jersey residents have smart speakers in their homes, but the ones made by Google are now at the center of a patent infringement lawsuit. The CEO of Sonos appeared on CNBC to defend the company's decision to file a lawsuit against the technology giant. He said that Google used wireless speaker technology developed and patented by Sonos in its smart speakers.

Uncertainty over damages raises concerns over copyright law

Copyright issues can be deeply concerning to many New Jersey businesses, especially if they produce goods that could have some interaction with others' intellectual property. Infringement cases can result in massively differing penalties, and people may not know what to expect if a dispute develops between different rights owners. When a copyright holder accuses another person or business of infringement, they can seek statutory damages in court through litigation. The sums assessed can vary greatly, with penalties ranging from $200 to $150,000 per infringed copyright. These penalties are not necessarily linked to the damages suffered by the original copyright owner or profits accumulated by the alleged infringer.

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