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Company files latest patent case against automakers

Major automakers with a substantial New Jersey footprint are facing a lawsuit accusing them of patent infringement. One company has filed 15 suits in the past four years, accusing General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Maserati, among others, of infringing its patents to integrate mobile devices with auto entertainment systems. The Texas company, Blitzsafe, sells devices to connect smartphones and tablets to car stereo systems. It registered patents in 2009 and 2012 for the technology involved in its devices, which allow users to make hands-free calls and play music stored on their phones.

Online retailer faces backlash over trademark lawsuits

Intellectual property owners in New Jersey and around the country walk a fine line when they decide how vigorously to pursue infringers. Allowing trademarks and copyrights to be used without permission or consequence encourages further infringement and sets a precedent that could make future litigation more challenging, but initiating legal action against companies operating in completely different market segments just because they have vaguely similar names can seem like bullying and provoke fierce consumer reactions.

Facebook sues web hosts over alleged phishing sites

Many people in New Jersey have encountered hacked or fake Facebook or Instagram accounts. Some might be used to boost a user's follower count, while others are real accounts where the owner lost control or fell victim to a phishing scheme. Facebook has struggled to put an end to schemes that seek to gather users' passwords, and many social network users are technologically unsophisticated and may not be aware of best practices for security, despite the site's attempts to promote a higher level of account security.

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