Iconic names restored at Yosemite National Park

| Jul 17, 2019 | Intellectual Property Litigation |

As part of a $12 million settlement paid to the park’s former concessionaire, many of the names for locations in Yosemite National Park were changed back to their original names. The lawsuit was originally filed when a new company took over many of the park’s concessions and hospitality services and changed the names of many iconic locations. The result of this lawsuit could also affect the naming of locations in national parks in New Jersey and other states.

During the transition of services from one company to another, much of the signage in the park was covered up or removed to show new signs. It’s estimated that it will take days or weeks to return signage and other postings to their original names. All trademarks and service marks will be the intellectual property of the new company as long as they have a contract with the government.

Workers at Yosemite and locals who visit the park have expressed their satisfaction that the lawsuit has been resolved and the original names of park amenities restored. While contractors are responsible for providing many services for the more than 4 million people that visit the park every year, maintaining the original names is considered important.

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