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Ariana Grande sued for copyright infringement

New Jersey fans of Ariana Grande may be interested to learn that the pop superstar is being sued for copyright infringement. A painter based in Las Vegas, Nev., claims that the singer used some of his work in her music video for "God Is a Woman" without his permission. The image, which shows a woman as a candle wick in the sky, was only altered slightly from the original painting, according to the federal lawsuit. The painter said he only learned about the music video after reading about it online.

The attorneys representing the Las Vegas painter have claimed that the director and production team for "God Is a Woman" has already faced two previous lawsuits based on copyright violations. This lawsuit asks that Grande remove the music video from the internet and pay for any legal fees incurred by the plaintiff. The painter is also seeking damages for an undisclosed amount.

There have yet to be any comments about the lawsuit from Grande or her representatives. Her music video is one of the most popular of 2018 with nearly 200 million views. The production company that made the video has worked with other popular pop stars of the past decade. They have faced similar types of lawsuits regarding the infringement of copyright. Artists and other types of creators who believe their intellectual property has been unlawfully used may be able to sue for damages in court.

When face with copyright infringement, the first step is to seek representation from an attorney. Legal counsel can examine the circumstances of an intellectual property case and decide if pursuing legal action is in the best interests of the client. In some cases, the infringing party will agree to a settlement. However, going to court may be necessary.

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