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Qualcomm and Apple square off in second ITC trial

New Jersey readers may be interested to learn that another trial involving Qualcomm Inc. and Apple Inc. kicked off before the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 17. The two technology giants are squabbling over Apple's right to import certain iPhone models into the U.S. This is the second patent infringement case between the companies to go to trial this year.

Protecting confidential information when firing employees

Terminating an employee can be a risk to a company, especially if that employee had access to trade secrets or confidential technology. An ex-employee can have many motivations for stealing and selling this type of information, but the motivations behind this activity don't change the fact that companies need to protect themselves. There are a few best practices that organizations should follow to ensure terminated employees can't access confidential data.

"Honey Badger" creator seeks to stop unauthorized cards

Many people in New Jersey have seen the famous "Honey Badger" video on YouTube. Since the "Honey Badger Don't Care" catchphrase in the video has been widely referenced in a variety of media, it could come as a surprise that the phrase may have federal trademark protection. A federal appeals court overturned a judgment by a lower court in August 2018, reinstating a lawsuit filed by the video's creator against a greeting card publisher.

Universities aggressively prosecuting their trademarks

New Jersey residents may have heard about businesses that aggressively protect their trademarks. In addition to companies, many universities are now likewise aggressively prosecuting their trademarks against potential infringement.

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