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New study links trademark registrations to higher employment

According to a recent study funded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, trademark registrations could be tied to company growth and employment rates. With new trademark laws on the way, unemployment rates in New Jersey and other parts of the country might begin to drop even further. The evidence suggests that companies are willing to spend more on research and development when they know that their intellectual property is protected from trademark infringement and theft.

This study, which focuses on 2011 data, found that companies tend to increase their hiring rates after filing for patents. The same study also revealed that employment growth is quicker at companies that have at least one trademark registered. Many different variables impact hiring practices, but this study seems to indicate that patent filing and protection are important factors to consider.

Even with comprehensive trademark laws on the books, patent infringement is still a major problem for many companies. Billions of dollars worth of intellectual property is stolen every single year by foreign and domestic entities. Some experts believe that intellectual property theft costs America over $600 billion a year, and it is often smaller companies that struggle with these crimes the most. Since this type of theft takes place in every industry, all business owners should take steps to protect their logos, products and technology.

Working with an attorney who has experience with trademark law is one of the most effective ways to protect one's intellectual property. These legal representatives can help business owners analyze existing trademarks, register for new trademarks and file appeals if any theft ever occurs. They can also address international concerns when intellectual property is stolen by foreign corporations and other entities.

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