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Vegas Golden Knights still facing trademark concerns

Hockey fans in New Jersey and across the United States have watched the first-year Vegas Golden Knights successfully make their way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Though they're playing for their first championship, the Golden Knights are still officially registering their name and logos with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Protecting recipes not easy due to internet

Many New Jersey chefs dream of creating a signature recipe that's worth millions. For example, Sir Kensington's raked in $140 million when it sold its ketchup recipe to Unilver in 2017. However, in the age of the internet, it can be difficult to keep recipes from being posted online. Further, most recipes aren't protected by copyrights or patents.

Samsung heads to court again in patent infringement case

New Jersey residents who have been following the long court battle between Samsung and Apple might be interested in learning that the two companies will again head to court for a retrial on damages in Apple's patent lawsuit win. The original patent infringement lawsuit was filed by Apple against Samsung in 2011, and a jury awarded a verdict in Apple's favor in 2012 in the amount of $1.02 billion.

Fashion giants conclude long intellectual property dispute

New Jersey shoppers may have long been fans of two brands that have been locked in a trademark dispute for nine years. Gucci and Guess reached an agreement in April 2018 to end their lengthy legal issues over Guess' logo and diamond pattern. Gucci alleged that the logos were knockoffs of its own distinctive, trademarked pattern. In their settlement, the two companies announced that they had concluded all international property law and trademark matters.

Supreme Court upholds inter partes review

To battle so-called patent trolls, Congress passed the America Invents Act to create a process known as inter partes review. Proponents of the law were dealt a victory in April when the United States Supreme Court upheld the process as constitutional. This rule change has significant implications for New Jersey inventors as the process is a helpful tool in fighting bogus patent lawsuits.

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