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Small company and Uber reach trademark infringement accord

Many New Jerseyans routinely rely on Uber Technologies to help them to get where they need to go. They might not realize that the tech giant was sued for trademark infringement for its name, however.

According to news sources, a small company that is located in Florida had trademarked the name Uber Operations and had been doing business under that name for longer than Uber Technologies had been in business. Uber Operations alleged that the confusion created by the similar names had led to a deluge of unwanted calls from customers of Uber Technologies who were unhappy with their ride-share experiences.

Uber Operations offers services to the health care industry. It filed its lawsuit against Uber Technologies in August 2017. Uber Technologies reportedly reached a settlement with the company in January 2018. As a result, Uber Operations agreed to change its name to Ruvos Operations to eliminate the confusion between the two companies.

Trademark infringement can cause harm to a company's reputation and brand. When businesses have trademarks and believe that others are infringing on them, they might want to talk to experienced intellectual property lawyers who may be able to negotiate settlements with the infringing parties so that their clients may be made whole. They may also litigate the matters for their clients in order to secure damages to pay for their clients' losses and injunctions to prevent the infringement from continuing to occur. Businesses may also want to talk to attorneys who are knowledgeable about trademark law about getting trademarks for the marks that they use. This can help to protect their marks from others.

Source: Tallahassee Democrat, "UUber settles trademark infringement lawsuit with Tallahassee company", TaMaryn Waters, March 28, 2018

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