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Avoiding problems when launching new websites

New Jerseyans who plan to launch new websites should take care to avoid certain types of common intellectual property pitfalls. Conducting proper due diligence prior to starting a new website can help to save people and companies substantial costs.

One common pitfall that businesses may encounter occurs when businesses choose brand names only to learn that their names have already been allegedly trademarked by someone else. When people receive letters claiming that their brand names have already been trademarked, they will then either need to change their names or decide whether to spend money litigating the issue. Businesses should choose several candidate brand names and then research them to make certain that the names are available. They should then take time to trademark the names so that others can't use them.

Once businesses have trademarked their names; they may then find out that somebody else has already registered the domain name for their trademarked brand. Some people do this because they believe that the businesses will be willing to pay them high fees to purchase the domain names from them. In order to avoid this, businesses should complete their domain name research and brand name trademarking simultaneously.

By conducting the proper due diligence when launching a new website, people may be able to avoid intellectual property litigation. They might want to get help from an experienced intellectual property attorney. A lawyer may assist his or her clients with researching their intended brand names and domain names. Attorneys may then help their clients with filing their trademark applications. If objections are raised, the lawyers may defend their clients' trademarks in order to help them to secure them. This may help the clients to avoid losing substantial sums of money.

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