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Match Group sues Bumble for alleged patent infringement

Many New Jersey residents use dating websites. Now, a lawsuit that was filed in March by Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, alleges that Bumble infringed on Tinder's patents in its dating site.

What to do when a trademark is infringed on

New Jersey companies and businesses throughout the country build themselves by creating a brand identity. Part of a brand's identity is its name, and that name can be protected by a trademark. It is possible that another company will try to infringe on the trademark either inadvertently or intentionally. Prior to taking any action to protect a trademark, it is important to know that it has actually been infringed upon.

Trademark congestion may be an issue for companies

Of the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language, 81 percent of them have been used to create single-word trademarks. That may be a hindrance to companies in New Jersey and elsewhere that are looking to create quality brand names. The study, which was published in Harvard Law Review in February, analyzed 6.7 million trademark applications from 1985 to 2016. It also included 300,000 marks that were already registered as of 1985.

Avoiding problems when launching new websites

New Jerseyans who plan to launch new websites should take care to avoid certain types of common intellectual property pitfalls. Conducting proper due diligence prior to starting a new website can help to save people and companies substantial costs.

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