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Patent filings by Apple give clues for new tech

New Jersey residents have come to rely on their iPhones, and Apple Inc. continues to pursue new technological innovations. In a single week, the company filed five patent applications. The technical details of the filings hinted at camera improvements, sleep tracking, more flexible screen displays and perhaps augmented reality.

One patent described an approach to adding adapter lenses to small devices to improve zooming and maintain the iPhone's preeminence as a camera device. Sleep tracking concerned two of the other patents. One proposed device sought to adjust someone's alarm based on when a person actually fell asleep. The other system monitored vital signs by placing sensors throughout a person's bed.

Apple's patent filing for new display technology explained a system that segmented a display into sections and enabled different refresh rates within each portion. This innovation might decrease demands for battery power. The final patent from the new batch of filings presented a somewhat mysterious system for managing opaque and transparent portions of an electronic device. One technology publication speculated that it could apply to an augmented reality display.

When the federal government approves a patent, it protects an inventor's ownership of the technology or device. Legal representation could guide a person or company representative through the process of filing a patent application. By consulting an attorney familiar with patent law, a potential applicant could learn which type of patent to pursue. An attorney could then research existing patents to determine if the new application might represent a sufficiently unique idea to qualify for protection.

Source: Digital Trends, "Apple's latest patents hint at sleep tracker and continued work on AR", Christian de Looper, Feb. 16, 2018

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