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Trademark options may be limited

New Jersey residents and others who are starting a business may find that many of their preferred names are already trademarked. Of the 100,000 most commonly used words, 75 percent of them are trademarked. Even if a particular name is available, it may not be wise to use it. For instance, those who use their last name as part of their business name might lose rights to that name if the company is sold.

NFL launches lawsuit to prevent Super Bowl counterfeiting

New Jersey residents may know that the Super Bowl attracts millions of viewers and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. The National Football League has a reputation for fiercely protecting its brand and intellectual property, and the league was joined by the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles on Jan. 24 in filing a lawsuit against an unnamed group of defendants to prevent the widespread counterfeiting of official Super Bowl merchandise.

Patent filings by Apple give clues for new tech

New Jersey residents have come to rely on their iPhones, and Apple Inc. continues to pursue new technological innovations. In a single week, the company filed five patent applications. The technical details of the filings hinted at camera improvements, sleep tracking, more flexible screen displays and perhaps augmented reality.

Philly Special could be a lucrative trademark

New Jersey residents and others who watched the Super Bowl may have seen a trick play called the "Philly Special." The play involved a throw from the Eagles tight end to the quarterback, who caught the ball for a touchdown. On the Monday after the Super Bowl, one man filed an application for a trademark to the phrase Philly Special Cheesesteak. Another wanted to trademark the phrase for a clothing line.

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