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What to know about transferring a trademark

It may be possible for a New Jersey trademark holder to transfer that mark to another party. Once the transfer occurs, that party has the same right to use and defend it against infringement that the original owner once had. In the event that only one mark is being transferred, the process may be relatively easy. However, that may not be the case if multiple marks are being transferred.

The rules for using trademark symbols

New Jersey business owners who are interested in trademark registration might not be clear on the differences between different symbols associated with trademarks, and when they are allowed to be used. The two common symbols for trademarks and registered trademarks can mean different things and can be used at different times during the process of trademark registration.

Record label fights to trademark the term 'empire'

A real-life court battle involving the Fox Network's television show "Empire" adds to the show's fictional drama that has attracted many viewers in New Jersey and around the world. A record label known as Empire Distribution has challenged the network's use of the word "empire" and alleged trademark infringement.

Kmart sued by Rasta Imposta over banana costume

As New Jersey residents gear up for Halloween, they may head to local stores to purchase costumes. Halloween costumes are big business, and because of the money involved, they may be the subject of intellectual property lawsuits.

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