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Teva Pharmaceuticals files trade secret theft claim

New Jersey business owners may be interested to learn that, on July 7, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA filed a lawsuit against a former executive who it said divulged trade secrets and other information of a confidential nature with her boyfriend. It alleged that the boyfriend is the president and CEO of Apotex Inc., a rival drug company.

The Beatles prevail in intellectual property lawsuit

New Jersey residents may be aware that the surviving members of the Beatles and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison have been involved in a number of lawsuits in recent years. The most recent litigation was filed against the Beatles' holding company Apple Corps Limited by a firm founded by the promoter behind the band's 1965 concert at New York City's Shea Stadium. The litigation was initiated over footage taken during the show that was recently used in the 2016 documentary film 'Eight Days a Week," but a New York judge dismissed the case on July 26.

Patent litigation can be costly, protracted and sometimes futile

New Jersey residents may be surprised to learn that some of the nation's largest companies routinely ignore patents in their rush to enter emerging markets. These companies produce similar products and then make it difficult for patent holders by using their legal departments or hiring attorneys to challenge the validity of the patent or patents involved. Litigation can be costly and protracted, and these companies hope that market dominance will have been won before it is resolved.

Waymo drops some claims against Uber in trade secret lawsuit

New Jersey residents may be interested in a development in the lawsuit that self-driving car manufacturer Waymo has filed against Uber. Waymo, formerly affiliated with Google, accused Uber of trade secret theft, but it has now dropped three of four patent claims it had against the technology and transportation company.

Beatles music rights dispute settled by Paul McCartney

Music fans and copyright holders in New Jersey may be interested in learning that Sir Paul McCartney, who rose to international fame as a member of the Beatles, settled a long-running dispute over the rights to the band's songs. The settlement, reached at the end of June 2017, involved an undisclosed sum of money and assurances that McCartney will receive the copyrights as early as October 2018.

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