Disney planning soft-body robots for human interaction

| Apr 18, 2017 | Patent Law |

In the future, people from New Jersey planning a trip to a Disney resort might experience interactions with soft and touchable robots. The filing for a patent in the United States by Disney Enterprises Inc. indicates that the company has designed a 3D-printed soft-body robot designed to interact physically with visitors.

The patent proposal submitted by Disney stated that the robots would engage in interactions with children and adults. They appear to be intended for use at the company’s stores and entertainment parks.

The company maintains a robotics research department and has numerous projects in the works. The mission to create robots capable of interacting with people in complex live-action scenarios guides the robot designers. For the time being, though, humans in costumes will continue to entertain visitors to Disney properties. Disney has not provided a timeline for deploying its robots in real-world settings.

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Source: Fox News, “Disney files patents to bring humanoid robots to park“, April 13, 2017

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