BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia

| Feb 17, 2017 | Patent Law |

New Jersey residents who use Nokia or BlackBerry products may be interested to learn that the companies are involved in a dispute over patents. BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia over Nokia’s alleged unauthorized use of 11 different patented technologies. According to BlackBerry, Nokia has ‘persisted in encouraging the use” of technologies that are owned by BlackBerry without first obtaining a license to use the technologies.

BlackBerry filed its complaint in Wilmington, Delaware and accused Nokia of infringing patents for Nokia products that use radio network controllers, Liquid Radio software and Flexi Multiradio base stations. Nortel Networks Corp. originally owned some of the disputed patents, but BlackBerry and the Rockstar Consortium purchased the patents for $4.5 billion in 2011. Licenses for the patents were shared with Rockstar Consortium members including Apple and Microsoft.

According to reports, BlackBerry is not seeking an injunction that would prevent Nokia from using the patented technologies listed in the lawsuit. BlackBerry is asking for financial compensation for the use of the patents and a fair and reasonable settlement. Nokia is expected to attend the Mobile World Congress this year where the company will unveil its new Android smartphone.

Patent infringement lawsuits can often be resolved with out-of-court settlement agreements. In other cases, companies may seek court-ordered injunctions that will prevent the sale of merchandise made with patented technologies. A patent law attorney could represent a company that is involved in a patent dispute and help the company to reach a settlement or pursue litigation.

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