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Getting a patent for intellectual property

New Jersey entrepreneurs and companies have an interest in protecting their intellectual property, and some seek to do so by patenting it. Patents allow owners to prevent other parties from selling, importing to sell, using or copying their patented material, providing an important protection to them.

BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia

New Jersey residents who use Nokia or BlackBerry products may be interested to learn that the companies are involved in a dispute over patents. BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia over Nokia's alleged unauthorized use of 11 different patented technologies. According to BlackBerry, Nokia has 'persisted in encouraging the use" of technologies that are owned by BlackBerry without first obtaining a license to use the technologies.

Retailer sues New Jersey store over trademark

A lawsuit has been filed in a New Jersey district court alleging that the name and logo of a Paterson convenience store were chosen to mislead consumers by making it appear that the store was part of, or connected with, a large chain of similar stores. Pennsylvania-based Wawa Inc. operates more than 700 stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Florida, and attorneys representing the retail chain say that they are only suing Dawa Food Inc. because their attempts to resolve the matter amicably have been rebuffed.

Court rules copies of karaoke CDs did not violate trademarks

Many people in New Jersey have witnessed karaoke performances and perhaps participated in some. As theyknow, karaoke performances generally rely on the use of altered musical recordings. In 2016, a company that makes karaoke CDs sued a company that hosts karaoke shows for trademark infringement.

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