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Registering a design patent

When New Jersey residents invent a product, they may have to get both a utility patent and a design patent in order to protect their work. The utility patent protects the actual invention while the design patent protects the way that the invention looks. Getting a design patent may help to prevent competitors from making inferior products that are designed to look like a patented one.

Rapper Rick Ross wins lawsuit over "Mastermind"

New Jersey residents who are fans of rapper Rick Ross may be familiar with his 2014 album "Mastermind"After Ross released the record through Universal Music Group, he went on a tour called that name and incorporated the term 'Mastermind" into his public persona. Another musician who claimed that he owned the trademark for Mastermind subsequently took Ross to court.

Major patent battle over breakthrough gene-editing tech

New Jersey researchers might be interested in learning about a major patent battle involving a breakthrough discovery in gene editing. The case pits some top scientists against each other as they battle for the patent rights of the CRISPR-cas9 technology.

Samsung wins in battle against Apple at the Supreme Court

New Jersey residents who have been following the battle between smartphone giants Apple and Samsung over patents that Samsung infringed in its smartphones might be interested in learning that the Supreme Court has issued its ruling in the case. The parties were arguing about the issue of damages, and the Supreme Court ruled in Samsung's favor.

Amazon wins trademark infringement case over Fire TV

New Jersey residents who have purchased items from Amazon may be familiar with the company's use of the word 'fire" in many of its house brand products. The Kindle Fire tablet that was released in 2011 was the first product to contain the word 'fire" in its name. Since then, Amazon has sold other 'fire" products including the Amazon Fire TV, a set-top box that was released in April 2014.

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