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Athletes use trademarks to protect their brands

Many New Jersey sports fans like to buy merchandise to celebrate their favorite athletes. Understanding the popularity and potential marketability of their name and catchphrases, famous athletes often apply for trademarks in order to protect their brands. Some trademarks are secured after a catchphrase becomes popular, but others are filed early before a phrase has even caught the public's attention.

Tattoos may lead to trademark infringement lawsuits, experts warn

Many New Jersey residents have tattoos, and while tattooing is a routine procedure, complications including pain and risk of infection exist. Those who are inked may not be aware of another potential issue with tattoos: copyright and trademark issues. While tattoos are not traditional property, trademark laws regarding how and when an image may be photographed, recorded or otherwise used in public may apply, according to legal professionals.

Protecting intellectual property

Software developers in New Jersey understand how difficult it can be to protect their inteilectual property. It has become commonplace for others to reverse engineer software products. Patent trolls also rush to file patents for others' innovations in order to steal them. There are several things companies can do to protect their intellectual property.

Verdict against Apple vacated pending new trial

New Jersey residents may be interested to know that VirnetX, a company that makes money from patent litigation, had won an award of $625 million from Apple. In that case, VirnetX claimed that Apple violated a patent related to FaceTime and VPN technology. A judge reversed the verdict on appeal because VirnetX had mentioned a previous verdict when it shouldn't have done so. The judge felt like those comments could have prejudiced the jury.

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