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Several trademark applications filed for "Brexit"

New Jersey residents have probably heard about the U.K.'s June decision to leave the European Union, commonly referred to as 'Brexit." Regardless of a person's opinion about the vote, the popular nickname that was given to the British exit is undeniably catchy. Now, several companies are attempting to cash in on it by marketing products with the nickname.

Boston Beer, the parent company of Sam Adams, has filed a trademark application for Brexit with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Other companies that sell products such as nutritional supplements and clothing have also filed requests for a Brexit trademark. Under trademark law, companies that offer different kinds of goods or services may be able to use the same trademarked name.

According to reports, Boston Beer wants the trademark for Brexit so that it can be used as the name for a hard cider. Boston Beer has done well with its new hard cider brand, Angry Orchard, which currently accounts for half of the U.S. hard cider market. The research and development orchard that makes Angry Orchard cider may be used to produce a small batch of hard cider to be called Brexit. Hard cider is a much more popular alcoholic beverage in the U.K. than it is in the U.S., so naming a cider Brexit may help Boston Beer market to U.K. consumers.

Trademarks that refer to current news topics could be very valuable to a company. However, there could be a lot of competition for trademarks of popular terms, as many different companies may want to use the same terms in their marketing. An attorney may be able to help a company to file a trademark application in a timely manner.

Source: Fortune, "Sam Adams Brewer Files Trademark For 'Brexit' Cider," John Kell, June 29, 2016

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