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Patent dispute over Nest thermostat ends

Upgrading a New Jersey home to include smart appliances and technologies might include a smart thermostat such as the learning thermostat developed by Nest in 2011. The technology required for this versatile HVAC control is helpful for those who want to track the performance statistics of their heating and air conditioning equipment, but behind the scenes, rights to use these technologies have been disputed by Nest and Honeywell since 2012.

Groupon says IBM copied its platform

Many New Jersey residents use the website Groupon to find deals on products and services in their local areas. Groupon is an online marketplace that uses its customers' current locations to sell limited time special offers for local businesses. On May 9, Groupon initiated intellectual property litigation and accused IBM of infringing on a technology patent that it owns.

Lawsuit over song may cost band millions

New Jersey fans of Led Zeppelin may have heard that a copyright lawsuit was filed against the band on behalf of the late musician Randy California by his trust administrator. The lawyers for the trust say that the client is willing to settle for one dollar and writing credit, but that may cost the band millions of dollars.

SCOTUS decides not to hear arguments in Google copyright case

Most New Jersey residents perform Internet searches every day, but few consider the legal implications of companies like Google essentially acting as informational gatekeepers. The California-based technology giant was sued in 2005 by the Authors Guild and three individual writers over the company's practice of scanning books and including snippets of the scanned material, but the lawsuit's decade long journey came to an end on April 18 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to add the case to its docket.

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