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Legal guidance re intellectual property litigation in New Jersey

Infringement upon certain intellectual property rights may carry civil and even criminal penalties under the law. New Jersey residents who wish to avoid intellectual property litigation may still be in need of legal intervention in order to do so. There are experienced attorneys in the area who are able to serve the needs and goals of those facing legal challenges concerning such matters.

Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law assists clients by providing effective representation in an economically feasible manner. Many times, an experienced attorney can help obtain resolution to legal problems involving copyright infringement or other intellectual property issues without having to resort to litigation. Our legal team is prepared to devise a strategy that could help protect your rights without the need to enter a lengthy courtroom battle.

We are committed to helping you obtain civil remedies whenever possible. Such remedies may vary, depending upon the individual circumstances of your legal situation. Whether you are a copyright owner seeking recovery from an infringement, a victim of trademark infringement who has suffered actual monetary loss or an inventor whose patent has been violated, Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law will help you determine how best to proceed in seeking restitution for the damages you have sustained.

Avoiding intellectual property litigation can be challenging for New Jersey residents who have had their rights violated. The theft of trade secrets, willful copyright infringement and trademark counterfeiting are all criminal offenses according to federal law. By contacting our office for a consultation, you can take the first steps toward justice by seeking guidance from our dedicated team of IP lawyers.

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