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Protecting your company's interests re trademark law

Registration laws and systems regarding trademarks vary from state to state. However, in New Jersey and all other states, one thing remains common; trademark law protects those whose rights have been infringed upon when a brand name or business name has been unlawfully used by another party. Those facing legal challenges that involve disputes over intellectual property will want to make certain they have a clear understanding of state and federal laws before proceeding to court.

Legal guidance re intellectual property litigation in New Jersey

Infringement upon certain intellectual property rights may carry civil and even criminal penalties under the law. New Jersey residents who wish to avoid intellectual property litigation may still be in need of legal intervention in order to do so. There are experienced attorneys in the area who are able to serve the needs and goals of those facing legal challenges concerning such matters.

Yosemite National Park involved in trademark dispute

When it comes to intellectual property matters many may assume the focus is in the tech sector. While these issues do of course arise in that context, there are many other situations in which disputes involving intellectual property might arise. This is illustrated in the recent trademark dispute concerning the names of landmarks and iconic hotels in Yosemite National Park.

Can a monkey hold a copyright to a photo it took?

Readers may remember a couple of years ago when a monkey got a hold of a camera and took a photo of itself. Afterward, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claimed the monkey owned the copyright to that selfie and brought a lawsuit, seeking to establish this, on behalf of the animal. In addition, PETA said it would administer the copyright on the behalf of the animal. In the meantime, the photographer, who owned the camera used to take the photo, obtained a British copyright for the image. He also sought to have PETA’s lawsuit dismissed. 

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