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Copyright infringement case against Taylor Swift dismissed

In previous posts we have written about why it is important to register a copyright to protect works against unauthorized use. When the owner of a copyright believes it has been infringed, legal action may be taken. The outcome of these lawsuits will depend on a variety of factors. Because these matters are usually complex, in these situations it is important that all parties involved have legal representation on their side.

Recently pop superstar Taylor Swift faced a copyright infringement lawsuit. Another musician sued her claiming lyrics from her song “Shake It Off,” found on her most recent album, were taken from a song he claimed he copyrighted in February 2013. He alleged 92 percent of the lyrics in her song were taken from his. He sought damages totaling $42 million from both Swift as well as her record label.

The matter was recently ruled upon. A federal judge determined that as a result of the state of the complaint, the case could not move forward. Specifically, the judge said the man’s allegations were speculations and not enough factual evidence was provided to make it more than that. The court pointed out if the deficiencies in the case are addressed, a new complaint regarding the matter could be filed.

It is worth noting that the man who filed the claim that was just dismissed did so without the assistance of a lawyer. It is possible his case could make it farther along in the process with the help of an intellectual property attorney.

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