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Acting within patent law to protect interests in New Jersey

New Jersey residents who invent new products, launch businesses or develop new designs often obtain patents in order to protect their interests. The patent law system can be very complicated and confusing, especially for someone unfamiliar with the process. It is typically prudent to seek professional legal guidance if one believes that one has been adversely affected by another person's patent law violation.

Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law has 20 years of experience in intellectual property law and is also a vastly experienced research scientist. Attorney Appelbaum understands all aspects of the patent procurement process. On your behalf, he can seek a review of the patent examination process if you believe there has been a mistake.

In an age when intellectual property has a global span, you may find it necessary to obtain international protection of your product. In the United States, there are three main types of patents. Your future success may depend on choosing the right one. Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law is prepared to guide you through the process in order to seek the patent that is best suited for your invention.

On our website, we provide a toll free number for your convenience in order for you to call and schedule a consultation at our New Jersey location. Our clear understanding of patent law may help you simply matters and gain focus on how best to proceed in your situation. Our discussions are kept confidential in order to protect your privacy, as well as your business and entrepreneurial ideas. We are dedicated and prepared to helping achieve your personal and business goals.

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