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Why copyrighting software could be a good approach

Copyright is designed to protect various forms of creative expression. Though perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about how a copyright can be used, software can benefit from a registration. There are multiple reasons why it is a good idea to pursue copyright registration for software.

Trademark and the presidential election

Readers are likely well aware that campaigns for the next presidential election have already started. There are many things that go along with this including extra news coverage and debates. It could also lead to candidates doing other things that readers may not consider, such as seeking trademarks on campaign slogans.

Starting a new business? Consider your name and branding.

If you are starting your own business there are many matters that need to be considered. One of the things big things that needs to be addressed at the outset is the company’s name. How the company will be branded should also be considered.

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