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Retailers face uptick in in copyright infringement cases

For those who create works of art being able to protect those creations is important. Copyright laws make it possible to do a variety of things connected to your creation including:

  • Protect rights to financial rewards
  • Make sure you receive credit for the work done to create it
  • Preserve artistic integrity

While readers may be aware that copyright protections can be applied to films, books, poems, plays, paintings and music, the protections extend to other creations as well, including manufacturers and designs of fabrics and patterns. According to a recent report, when it comes to copyright infringement cases and textile patterns, retailers are often the defendants.

The number of cases filed by the four leading plaintiffs in these types of cases has increased between the years of 2009 and 2014. Specifically, over the course of those five years, the difference between the numbers of cases filed is up by 39. Though there are of course multiple reasons why such claims are filed, in some cases financial compensation is a motivator.

While some cases will be decided in a court room, as is the case in any copyright infringement case, the option of settling is usually available. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding a case, this may be a good approach. In addition to helping to resolve copyright infringement cases, a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of these types of cases is good to have on your side. Working with a professional in this field could also help to avoid infringement in the fist place.


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