Representative Patents Prosecuted by Benjamin Appelbaum

Successful patent prosecution in a variety of disciplines

Patent prosecution is not a simple process. Retaining an experienced patent attorney to act on your behalf gives you the best chance for success. Once you retain Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law, we prepare and review your patent application, create a prosecution strategy, respond to Office Actions from patent examiners and, if necessary, pursue appeals and requests for reexamination or reissue.

Samples of issued U.S. patents

In almost 20 years of practice, Benjamin Appelbaum has successfully prosecuted patents before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of New Jersey and nationwide innovators:

  • Patent No. 8367176 - Repositionable self-adhesive wallpaper
  • Patent No. 7867412 - Method for suppression of water evaporation and heat loss
  • Patent No. 7803204 - Foreign object deflector for jet engines
  • Patent No. 7801788 - Securities analysis method
  • Patent Nos. 7776928 and 7267743 - Wax emulsion coating applications
  • Patent No. 7572083 - Floating breakwater system for dissipating wave energy
  • Patent No. 6990767 - Mouse trap
  • Patent Nos. 6966400 and 7314122 - Method of using stethoscope for neurological diagnosis
  • Patent Nos. 6998502 and 7345196 - Process for the manufacture of difluoromethylornithine
  • Patent No. 7048477 - Drill measurement caps
  • Patent No. D502425 - Modular planter
  • Patent No. 6246323 - Method and system for tracking a vehicle

These utility and design patents cover a wide variety of disciplines, including pharmaceutical methods, medical processes, financial analysis and basic consumer products.

Prosecute your patent with an experienced patent attorney

A patent will protect your valuable intellectual property, but patents are not easy to obtain. When you retain Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law, we guide your patent application through the process. Call our office at 877-649-6002 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.