Internet Law

Helping you manage your rights in the information age

The Internet has created a host of new intellectual property issues, especially involving the use and control of copyrighted material and the trademarks/service marks of others. While lawmakers have reacted to these changes and attempted to preserve the integrity of American intellectual property laws, it is still the responsibility of the owners of intellectual property to take the initiative in protecting their rights in the digital world. At Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law, we help your business whether or not based in New Jersey confront the Internet law issues it faces.

Intellectual property issues in the Internet era

Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law helps you identify potential Internet law issues affecting your online venture, and devises solutions to address those issues, including:

  • Software protection - Because of the complexity of software code, a copyright may not be sufficient to fully protect your work. We can advise you of your options for protecting this valuable form of intellectual property.
  • Internet advertising - While many people view the Web as a legal "Wild West," Internet advertisement is subject to many of the same unfair trade practice restrictions under federal and New Jersey law as most other forms of advertising. Internet advertising raises the same trademark infringement issues as any other advertisement.
  • Internet defamation - The combination of anonymity and audience has made the Internet a haven for defamatory content. However, the same legal concepts of defamation apply, and nothing on the Internet is ever truly anonymous.
  • Internet copyright issues - Recent legal developments, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), have given intellectual property owners additional tools for combating copyright infringement on the Internet as well as other digital storage media. The DMCA also encourages online service providers to work with copyright holders to remove infringing material.
  • Website terms and conditions - Website and forum operators must be careful to protect themselves from liability for Internet defamation or contributory infringement by closely administering their websites and instituting strong terms and conditions.
  • Domain protection - In the past several years, Internet domain names have been sold for prices as high as seven figures. If properly protected, an Internet domain can be a boon to your business as well as a valuable commodity. Likewise, a domain name dispute can have significant financial ramifications for both parties.

Work with an attorney who's on the cutting edge of Internet law

The law is constantly changing as legislators struggle to adapt to advances in technology. When you become a client of Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law, we can keep your business abreast of the latest developments in Internet law. Call our office at 877-649-6002 during business hours. You can also contact us online at any time.