Tailored Trademark Search And Analysis Services

Distinguishing your company from your competition is critical to the success of your venture. However, jumping too quickly to register a new trademark can be a costly mistake if your mark is similar to another company's mark. Similarly, creating a mark that may infringe another venture's intellectual property rights can be disruptive to your operation, in terms of both the expense of developing the mark and the risk of exposure to trademark litigation.

Clearing trademarks early in preparing a new product, service or brand is essential to avoid spending resources, time and effort in creating a brand that could bring opposition from a company providing related goods or services with a similar mark. Conducting a search prior to applying for trademark registration can reduce the risk of denial or opposition in the registration process.

At the law office of Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law, in Flanders, we work with clients throughout New Jersey to assess the likelihood that a potential mark appears likely to pass muster with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes Through A Trademark Search

Trademark law rights are based on the use of a mark in commerce, with or without registration. Registration in New Jersey, or the federal level, can provide protections and peace of mind that a mark can be used in commerce. Our trademark search and analysis services can help you to avoid making costly mistakes, even before seeking registration protection.

Trademark searches vary in intensity and scope. We work with clients to provide searches and trademark opinions, tailored to their unique needs. If a preliminary search provides evidence that a proposed mark is confusingly similar in sight, sound or meaning to an existing one and may create a substantial risk of opposition, denial in the trademark office or trademark litigation, it may be in your best interest to revise your brand strategy.

In conducting a search, it is important to address the proper scope of related goods or services and the proposed mark. We can assist your company in creating a search strategy to meet your goals to reduce the risk of future conflict. While no clearance process is bulletproof, we can provide you with a trademark opinion to help your company manage risk. We also assist companies that conduct business overseas address international trademark concerns.

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