Thorough Trademark Registration Guidance For New Jersey Businesses

The name of your company, your logo, images associated with your brand and phrases that you use to set your business apart from the competition are important assets. The value of your brand sets you apart. The phrases, logos and images that you use to distinguish your company and its products receive common law protection. However, registering these critical intellectual property interests places companies offering related goods or services on constructive notice that your brand is legally protected. Trademark registration allows you to strengthen your brand.

Work Step-By-Step With An Accomplished Trademark Lawyer In Flanders

For 20 years, Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law, has assisted businesses throughout New Jersey obtain trademark and service mark protection. Filing a trademark application opens a legal process that is subject to strict timelines, rules and procedures that can easily trip up the unwary.

It is critical to conduct a proper trademark search prior to filing an application to register a mark. The United States Trademark and Patent Office does not refund any filing fees if an application is denied. The trademark examiner will search the relevant databases to look for similar marks that are pending or already registered.

Drafting an accurate application can be highly beneficial in avoiding objections from the trademark examiner. Our goal is to thoroughly prepare your application, based upon years of experience with intellectual property law, to reduce the risk of problems along the way. We will respond to inquiries from the trademark office and use our best efforts to get your trademark approved.

Attorney Appelbaum is experienced in representing clients when problems arise during the process, including appealing a denial and representing clients in opposition proceedings. We will also explain your obligations to maintain and renew your trademark registration to give you peace of mind.

Call An Experienced Trademark Lawyer To Protect Your Company Brand

We can help you file a new trademark registration application and guide you through trademark renewals. To learn more about how our experience can be your advantage in protecting your company brand, call our office in Flanders, New Jersey, at 877-649-6002 toll free or contact us online. We represent clients in New Jersey and across the country.