Comprehensive Trademark Appeals Representation

Disputes can arise during the trademark registration process. Many companies monitor trademark applications and may oppose a company's attempt to register a mark. A company seeking to protect its own mark against a new trademark application may file an opposition proceeding with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Even without an opposition proceeding, the examiner may deny an application. The TTAB is an administrative agency that hears appeals of adverse trademark decisions of an examiner.

Trademark Denial Appeals, Opposition And Cancellation Proceedings Before The TTAB

We counsel clients in all aspects of TTAB matters. In cases involving a trademark denial, we thoroughly review the examiner's decision and provide solid advice on the legal options available. We will provide a straightforward opinion as to the likelihood of overcoming the trademark rejection. We will explain the cost-benefit analysis of seeking an appeal with the TTAB.

As a skilled intellectual property lawyer, Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at law, represents clients in opposition proceedings before the TTAB. These matters are handled on the papers; there is no oral hearing. We are skilled in representing parties seeking registration and those who oppose another party's trademark registration.

After a trademark is granted, the TTAB may cancel a registration that is invalid. A party must file a petition for a cancellation proceeding within five years of the date of registration of the mark the opposing party seeks to cancel. The administrative rules are complex in TTAB matters. It is critical for you to seek the guidance of a skilled lawyer who has a command of trademark law and the rules that apply before the TTAB. Attorney Appelbaum is a skilled trial lawyer who applies his trademark litigation skills in administrative proceedings before the TTAB.

Learn More About Your Legal Options In TTAB Procedures

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