Register Your Trademark Internationally

Companies of all sizes do business on a global scale. The expansion of information technologies in recent decades has made the world more accessible for international business. Obtaining a trademark in New Jersey and through the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the Lanham Act does not provide registration protection on an international scale. If your company has interests or conducts business outside of the United States, we can advice you about your legal options to protect your company brand in overseas markets.

International Trademark Law Protections For Businesses

Traditionally, international trademark protection required obtaining legal counsel in countries throughout the world. As the global economy became more developed, an international treaty, known as the Madrid Protocol, was developed to streamline the application process. The Madrid Protocol allows businesses to file one application through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that each individual signatory country will review for individual trademark registration in that country.

Because each signatory country has its own rules that vary in particularity, drafting an application under the Madrid Protocol requires a deep understanding of how to create an application that will qualify in multiple countries. At the Flanders, New Jersey, office of Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law, we help companies, large and small, throughout New Jersey craft international trademark protection plans.

The benefits of filing for trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol include:

  • Cost-effectiveness — A single application submitted in English, Spanish or French eliminates the need for translations and agents in many territories throughout the world
  • Convenience — Intellectual property holders pay a single application fee, which depends on the number of countries in which registration is sought
  • Geographic reach — As of 2015, 95 countries have signed on to the international agreement, covering 111 territories throughout the world, according to WIPO

We will review your business model, the markets that are most important to you and provide skilled guidance in tailoring your international trademark application to provide a cost-effective plan to protect your international trademark rights.

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