Our Legal Experience And Scientific Background Are Your Advantages In Patent Prosecution

Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law, is a skilled patent law attorney with experience as a research scientist. Our law firm represents business owners, corporations and inventors in obtaining patents in the United States. A patent gives the owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing the patented invention into the stream of commerce in the United States. The patent prosecution process is complex and requires thorough legal and scientific analysis to obtain favorable results.

Full-Service Patent Prosecution Services To Meet Your Individual Needs

Our firm is adept in accomplishing every stage of the patent prosecution process. We try to anticipate the potential pitfalls that can adversely impact the patent examiner's examination process to help make the experience run smoothly. We draw on 20 years of experience to understand how the examiners respond during the patent prosecution process.

From conducting an appropriate patent search to preparing a patent application, we strive to craft the application to ensure that the application does not get misdirected and reaches the appropriate Technology Center in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("the USPTO") efficiently. For instance, a chemical process application sent to an examiner in an art unit that handles mechanical processes will create an unnecessary delay.

The protections that a patent provides are directly tied to the patent claims. We are diligent in analyzing the new concept and evaluating the relevant prior art to help ensure that the claims in a patent application are well-grounded. Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law, draws on 20 years of legal experience to create a prosecution strategy to obtain the full scope of protection possible.

There are many steps that can be taken to get a patent application through the USPTO more efficiently. The Patent Prosecution Highway ("PPH") program is useful for applicants who have filed a patent application in the U.S. and one or more foreign countries that participate in the PPH program. The PPH allows applicants who have received approval on an initial claim from one participating patent office to receive expedited process on those claims in a second participating patent office. The USPTO's First Action Interview Program provides an opportunity for direct communication between applicants and examiners prior to the examiner preparing a first action on the application. We are willing to arrange a meeting or telephonic interview with an examiner to avoid confusion as papers pass each other during the examination process.

Let Us Take The Legal Burdens Of Patent Prosecution Off Your Shoulders

The patent prosecution process can be difficult. Our experience will ease your burden in seeking patent protection. To speak with a skilled lawyer and scientist about your invention, call our office in Flanders, New Jersey, at 877-649-6002 toll free or contact us online. We serve clients nationwide in patent prosecution matters.