Licensing Intellectual Property To Maximize Value

Benjamin Appelbaum, Attorney at Law, offers knowledgeable guidance and strategic solutions in the negotiation, preparation and structure of intellectual property licenses. The value of intellectual property can be significantly compromised by a one-size-fits-all boiler-plate licensing agreement. A well-reasoned and personalized licensing strategy can help you to maximize the value of your copyright, patent or trademark.

We represent businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, artisans, developers and other intellectual property rights owners in negotiating and drafting of licensing agreements. We draw on 20 years of experience handling intellectual property concerns to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to protect the property rights of our clients.

Crafting Comprehensive Licensing Agreements

Licensing agreements are complicated. We take the time to understand the nature of the intellectual property, investigate the scope of the potential market in a licensing transaction and craft an individualized strategy to address a wide variety of rights and issues, including:

  • The terms for calculating compensation, including whether royalties or flat fees are better suited to the transaction
  • Terms and limitations of use, including exclusivity concerns and territorial rights
  • The duration of the terms of the license
  • Whether an agreement should include sublicensing terms
  • Addressing the terms of an indemnification clause
  • Whether inefficiency is a basis for license termination

Our substantial experience in business law and intellectual property law is advantageous for our clients. Frequently, inventors, developers and others with a creative work seek to form a business based upon an intellectual property interest. We can evaluate your marketing plans and provide sound guidance on whether a licensing agreement can be more profitable, leveraging the resources of one or more established businesses to access distributors, consumers or end users for your creation.

Get In Touch With An Experienced IP Licensing Lawyer Serving New Jersey

A well-crafted license agreement can be a practical solution to managing your intellectual property. To discuss your legal options to maximize the value of your IP rights, call our office in Flanders at 877-649-6002 toll free or contact us online.