Intellectual Property

Attorney for inventors, scientists and other creative professionals

Intellectual property is a broad term that covers numerous forms of expression and innovation. The rights to these types of property, as well as the commercial opportunities these rights represent, can have enormous value. If you are an individual inventor, scientist, artist or writer or if you are from or represent a business that has developed a process, design or formula, Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law can help you safeguard your creation under patent or copyright law.

The areas of our intellectual property practice

Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law can help you with a wide range of intellectual property issues:

  • Patents - Filing a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provides protection for innovative and useful designs, processes and compositions of matter, and improvements to them.
  • Trademarks - The Lanham Act allows a business to protect its reputation and goodwill by preventing other companies from using symbols, slogans and other trademarks that are closely associated with the business's goods and services.
  • Copyright - The Copyright Act protects various forms of expression, such as, but not limited to, literary works, music, sculptures, artwork and photographs. While it is not necessary to register a copyright, under the current Copyright Statutes, there are major advantages to doing so.
  • Licensing - Effective licensing practices allow individuals and businesses to reap the profits from their intellectual property rights by permitting limited use by outside companies in exchange for payment, whether as an on-going license or outright sale.
  • IP infringement - While the application and/or registration process may confirm your legal right to intellectual property, you must enforce these rights when incidents of IP infringement come to light.
  • Internet law - The continued development of the Internet has had the unfortunate side effect of making intellectual property infringement easier and more pervasive. Internet law is developing to stem this tide.
  • Trade secrets - Protection of trade secrets is intended to safeguard proprietary commercial information against disclosure through industrial espionage and other unfair business practices.
  • Business formation - To realize the full value of intellectual property, you must produce and market it. Forming a business entity can help you turn your idea or process into an income-generating business.

Consult an IP firm that can handle your needs

Becoming a client of Benjamin Appelbaum Attorney at Law means we work together to protect your intellectual property, manage your rights and turn your innovation into a commercial venture. Call our office to schedule an initial consultation. We are available by phone at 877-649-6002 during business hours. You can reach us online after hours.